At Newenwellness at The Image Center, we understand the complexities of life, especially when it is compounded by chronic illnesses.  We also understand that genetics and environmental factors affect our health, but that the majority of illnesses are preventable. Many people are beginning to understand how important our diet and our lifestyle are to our health. About 3% of the US population is vegetarian and 0.5% are vegan. Additionally, 10% of US adults report following a vegetarian-inclined diet. That means over 30 million people in the country are choosing a plant-based diet. The environmental impact, animal cruelty issues and health consequences involved in a diet consisting of meat and animal products are credited for the decision to go plant-based.

Fortunately I was raised a vegetarian from birth. However, the majority of people do not have a vegetarian background, and it is extremely difficult for them to exclude meat and dairy from their diet. Vegetarian options at restaurants can be both poor and limited, and many rely on eating out because they don’t have the culinary skills to cook balanced delicious vegetarian meals.  This is the reason why I founded Newenwellness. I have a passion for cooking healthy food that tastes delicious and sharing that knowledge with our clients.  My goal is to help as many people as possible prevent and reverse chronic disease before it is too late. Regardless of whether your goal is to become a vegetarian or you just want to eat healthier in general or you have specific food sensitivities or illnesses, I invite you to visit us to get started on living an optimal life!

In Health,
Dr Katherine Ahn, DDS