Pre-surgery Nutrition Counseling

Preparing for Surgery

Surgery involves local tissue damage and trauma and evokes a stress response in the body. Depending on the extent of the surgery, you can experience elevated blood sugar, impaired wound healing, protein catabolism, and immunosuppression. In order to prepare for the stress of surgery, promote optimal outcomes, and enhance recovery, it is best to become as healthy as possible beforehand and continue with dietary and supplement interventions following surgery as well.

How Nutrition Can Help

Studies looking at nutrition and surgery suggest that the meals preceding surgery affect recovery and that changing one’s food intake pre-surgery can affect the body’s response post-surgery. You will have increased needs for certain macro- and micro-nutrients and will benefit from other nutrition interventions to help ease inflammation.

Nutrition Therapy to Optimize Surgery Outcomes

It is best to get started with us at least one month before your surgery date. If you anticipate an upcoming surgery but don’t have it scheduled yet, even better! The more time we have to implement changes, craft dietary interventions, and assess for supportive supplementation, the better. If you have a short amount of time left, don’t despair! Remember that even the few meals preceding surgery make a difference and your diet afterwards plays a crucial role in healing.

No matter what your current diet, we will help you optimize your surgery outcomes through nutrition, meal plans, and individualized dietary and supplement strategies.