Why am I overweight?Weight Loss

Everyone has their own story. For some of us, excess weight came on after marriage, having kids, or menopause. For others, meal planning and cooking is a challenge. Other cases may be more complex and involve thyroid or adrenal disorders, underlying inflammation, a toxic environment, or other confounding factors.

The “why” is important. Taking an integrative and functional approach to nutrition, we care about the why and believe that it is central to and lasting weight loss.

The Weight Loss Equation

The usual weight loss equation that everyone is taught is Calories In=Calories Out. If only it were that simple!

Our health, and particularly our behaviors with food, are a sign of what is going on in us and our lives. We are beautifully complex beings and our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual heath all being intertwined and affecting each other. We don’t just want to help you lose weight. We want to promote healing and wholeness in all of you.

Nutrition Therapy for Weight Loss

Nutrition for weight loss is a one-size-fits-one approach. We will create a personalized plan to fit your body’s needs, your preferences and goals, and your personal and health history. We have many tools that will help us from the outset and along our journey together to help promote the weight loss you desire. We have the BodyGem indirect calorimeter to determine your resting metabolic rate, a body composition monitor to calculate muscle mass and body fat percentage, and a genetic test that can help us see what dietary and exercise interventions will translate into the most results for your body.

We offer medical-grade supplements that can play a useful role in helping the body release stored fat and toxins and many specialty tests to ensure the nutritional adequacy of your nutrition and weight management plan.

Medical Weight Loss

If you have been struggling with weight loss for some time and feel that nutrition interventions are not sufficient or desire the use of medication to aid in your weight loss, consider our medical weight loss program. Call us to see if this program is right for you.